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Misc. Christmas


We provided centerpieces for indoors now. They add a nice display of christmas on a table or window sill. There are different sizes and an arragement of different greenery in the centerpieces. Ever centerpiece is unique. No two are the same. So come on in to see the array of styles provided.

Kissing Balls

Do you have an area where a hanging basket once was? If so, a kissing ball would be the ideal evergreen decoration for you. Do not take the name too literal. The evergreen filled ball consists of a variety of evergreen branches stuck into it. The main evergreen is Fraser fir. The Fraser fir will last longer and keep fresher. The ball is attached by a strong chain so it will not break on you and you can hang it anywhere outside. The kissing ball is a favorite among Wisconsinites around the area. It is gorgeous, big ball of evergreen that can dress up any home with Christmas cheer.


Our garland is made thick and luscious. We make the garland ourselves with a machine that ties it all together. Usually it is sold by 25'. The garland is made from fraser fir evergreens. There is also a mixed garland that contains cedar, white pine, and fraser fir in it. This is a very eye pleasing mixture.

Evergreen Bundles

At the store we sell evergreen bundles of various kinds. We carry Fraser Fir bundles, Cedar Bundles, Pine Bundles, and now a mix of pine and fraser fir. Also sometimes we sell other greenery such as holly, boxwood, or juniper by pound.


All evergreen products are subject to availablity and time of the season. Only products available in Winter.
All plants are subject to availabilty
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