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Here at Honeymoon Acres receive the poinsettias in July. The poinsettia plants come into the greenhouse as plugs. We transfer the poinsettias into a bigger pot. The number of poinsettias in each container really depends on the container's size. 


Then the 6 1/2" pot contains one plant also but it has a poinsettia variety that fills the required space of the pot it is in.

The 8 1/2" pots require three plants to fill the pot.


They are very magnificent when fully grown. Eventually the poinsettias' leaves start to change very beautiful colors. The poinsettias change their leave color from dark green to either red, maroon, pink, or white. There also is a marble kind and others. The poinsettias are ready to be sold at our location on the hwy around thanksgiving and are sold all the way to the 24th of December. Since we grow all poinsettias ourselves that once we run out of them we are out for the season. We do not order in more, so come as soon as you can to pick one out!


Interesting Facts

Did you know that the leaves are actually the color of a poinsettia and that the flowers are actually the yellow centers. Also did you know that the poinsettia plant is native to Mexico. Makes sense though because they love a warm temperature. Lastly did you know that the roots of the poinsettia plants are very harmful to pets and animals. Keep the plants away from any critter that could get at them.

How to care for Poinsettias

Moderately bright light is best, but poinsettias will tolerate low light.

Moderately moist soil is preferred. Water thoroughly when soil surface fells dry to the touch. Drain excess water in saucer at base of pot to prevent root rot and protect furniture.

Moderate temperatures are ideal: 60-70 degrees F (18-21 degrees C) daytimes and 60-65 degrees F (15-18 degrees C) nights. Avoid excessively hot and cold areas. Drafty areas like in windows or by a door are not an ideal place for them.

Long-lasting poinsettias will benefit from periodic applications of fertilizer, used according to manufacturer's directions.

Key Tips for Success: Bright light and cool night temperatures will help delay flower bud and will maintain brightly colored bracts.



All poinsettias are subject to availability and time of the season. Only products available in Winter.
All plants are subject to availabilty
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