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All of our evergreen branches come from Central Wisconsin. To guarantee freshness, we get the evergreen boughs in November. All wreaths are hand-made and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end product.


Traditional Christmas Wreaths


These hand-made Fraser Fir wreath consists of an evergreen aroma that can make a beautiful decoration for the holidays. Every wreath includes full pine cones tipped with white paint to create the illusion of snow. The Fraser wreaths also comes with a beautiful hand-made velvet bright red bow. Both the pine cones and bows are weatherproof. No need to worry about the unruly weather during the winter holidays.


20" Wreath - - - - -

26" Wreath - - - - -

36" Wreath - - - - -

42" Wreath - - - - -

48" Wreath - - - - -

60" Wreath - - - - -


Decorative Christmas Wreaths


The mixed wreath will of course be consisting of Fraser fir along with various mixed greens. The wreath could consist of variegated boxwood, holly, variegated holly, colored eucalyptus (blue, green, dark purple), and any of the Wisconsin's nature evergreens.

20" Mixed Wreath

24" Mixed Wreath

36" Mixed Wreath


Shaped Christmas Wreaths


This is a great door decoration. The arch wreath is made from fraser fir boughs and other natural evergreen branching such as: pine and cedar. The arch is centered with a red weatherproof velvet bow.


Candy Cane (left or right sided)

This fun wreath is shaped like a cane. The wreath has fraser fir branching to make it look like a candy cane. A red velvet bow, that is weatherproof, embraces the evergreen branches to complete the look. The wreath comes in both a right and left side so be specific when ordering.


Flocked Candy Cane (left or right sided)

Flocking is a dusting of white snow like material that clings to the evergreen branches that make the candy cane. Like the regular candy cane the flocked candy cane come in both left and right sides and is delicately decorated with red velvet ribbon that gives it the divine look of a real candy cane (only larger).


Small Christmas Tree & Big Christmas Tree

These Christmas tree is made out of Fraser fir greenery. It is decorated with red velvet ribbon and ornament balls of different colors.



This wreath is a nice memorial wreath. You can use it for cemetaries or if you like the decoration of the cross then this is perfect for christmas. The cross wreath is made from fraser fir boughs. The cross is centered with a red weatherproof velvet bow or other colored weatherproof bow.



This wreath is shaped as a heart made from fraser fir boughs. It is decorated with a red velvet ribbon and a great gift for that loved one.


Advent Wreath

This wreath is a circular wreath is made from fraser fir boughs and contains candles that make this a beautiful centerpiece for the Christmas.


Grave Blanket

This is a gorgeous memorial wreath meant to be placed on a loved one's cemetery grave. It is made from fraser fir boughs and is decorated accordingly.



This wreath is in the shape of box made from fraser fir and decorated to look like a festive present.


Single Clip (Mini Swag)

This wreath consists of a single clip that holds a good amount of Fraser fir branches. The length and width is about 5-6". It is shaped like a hand. Sizes and greens in wreaths may vary.


This wreath consists of 3 clips that holds a good amount of Fraser fir branches. The length is about 30" and the widest part at the bottom is about 12". It is shaped like a broom with the big bristles to the bottom. Sizes and greens in wreaths may vary.


Boxwood Wreath

This wreath is made with the evergreen boxwood. It is to last the longest out all of the evergreens. It makes a nice outdoor decoration along with indoor decoration. The wreath has red berries and a beautiful weatherproof red velvet bow that add delicateness to the wreath.

20" Boxwood

26" Boxwood


All evergreen products are subject to availablity and time of the season. Only products available in Winter.


All plants are subject to availabilty
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